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This site is currently being updated. If you speak German, please pay a visit to the more comprehensive German version of animalright.org! Thanks for your patience!

On this website I would like to inform you about important issues concerning environmental conservation and animal rights. It is high time to start thinking about our planet's future in order to make it a place worth living in for us, our children and grandchildren. Even though the power of each and every one of us might be limited, anyone can make a difference just by educating themselves and raising their voice. That's what we owe our Earth that provides us with all the resources we need for our life. This plea also comprises the appeal for a respectful attitude towards all creatures, towards animals and human beings.

Our earth has enough for everyone's needs but not for everyone's greed - Mahatma Gandhi

Please also keep in mind that environmental and social issues are very often related to each other. Short-term economic interests are often prioritized while people not only but especially in developing countries suffer from our greed. Mass production, for example, allows us to keep the prices (for nutrition, items etc.) low while producers in poorer parts of the world cannot compete as they don't have the possibility to produce at such a large scale. This mass production, however, does not only affect people but also the environment. Factory farming is just one example: We eat more and more meat, livestock is kept in extremely small spaces. This leads to the breakout of diseases, vast amounts of greenhouse gases are emitted, the quality of the produced meat is inferior and a huge quantity of animal feed is cultivated in tropical regions where rainforests are cut down continuously. For further information on this topic, please refer to the page Vegetarianism.

Kindly also consider the presentation of the Kenyan environmental organization COBEC (Community Based Environmental Conservation) that seeks to protect coastal ecosystems in Kenya.

Demand fundamental reforms from the WWF! Sign our petition for serious conservation efforts! Learn more about the background of our initiative.

Feedback is important to me! If you have questions, suggestions or criticism, please write an e-mail to animalright@gmx.at or leave a short comment in my Guestbook or in the comment section below the articles.

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